Collars and Harnesses

Discounted prices for high fashion collars, harnesses and leashes for cats and dogs as well as practical styles for rough and ready dog action. Brands include Aspen Pet, Bamboo, BMB Pet, East Side Collection, Four Paws and Mossy Oak. You will find excellent construction, durable hardware, and cool styling that define the "must haves for your pet at bargain prices.

Tips for Proper Measurements for Pet Collars and Harnesses

Be sure to measure your pet when ordering collars and harnesses. For collars, measure around the pet's neck in the location the collar will be worn. A good rule is to allow sufficient room for two fingers to slide between the collar and the pet's neck when the collar is in place. For harnesses, measure around your pet's chest just behind the front legs. The same "two fingers rule is useful for fitting harnesses also. For example, if the pet's true measurement is 21", you would add approximately one extra inch to allow enough room for two fingers under the collar or harness strap. The size to order is this example is 22".